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Spokane Dryer Vent Cleaning uses state of the art equipment to clean your dryer vent.  Some dryer vents are 30 ft. long or more.  This makes it difficult for the dryer to blow all of the lint and other materials completely out of the dryer vent hose.  This build up causes a restriction of air flow and over time does 3 things.

 First it costs you money.  Its estimated that every 30 minutes that your clothes dryer runs cost you $1.00.  Restricted dryer vent hoses cause less air therefore longer dry times. Have you noticed that the dry time of you laundry is getting longer and longer.  This is because of the restricted flow. This can only be resolved by cleaning the dryer vent hose. 

 Second,  there is a fire hazard.  There are 15,500 dryer fires in the US alone each and every year.  Most fires can be avoided by simply cleaning the dryer and its hose once a year.  This will prevent all of the lint that is built up inside of the hose catching fire and causing thousands of dollars in smoke damage to your house and cloths. 

 And third, have you noticed a funny smell in your cloths after they are clean.  This is due to non complete drying of your cloths after the wash cycle.  A lot of times you will notice this smell in the towels, or other heavy items that take longer than average drying times.  This mildew smell is from the dryer no completely drying the cloths during the cycle and sitting in your dryer wet.  This smell is bothersome and sometimes impossible to remove.  Also there are outside factors that sometimes clog your dryer vent hose.  Spokane Dryer Vent Cleaning has removed bird nests, squirrels nest, and even small articles of clothing from dryer vents, bathroom vents, kitchen fans, and other outside exhausts.

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